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Mon ~ 15 Oct 2012 ~ 10.46 pm - Better late than...yeah. But not really.
Lucy quieter mood
So yes, this was on time for my FB post but it needed to be here, too!  Happy belated but previously celebrated Birthday, purelytaintedkt !


Also, there needed to be a Lucy Appearance.  ;P Her 7th Homeiversary was early this year--seven+ years, & I still haven't wired her kicky legs or redone her ghetto-touchedup faceup like I was swearing to by the end of the first sixth months.  Ah, me.  Still, how often do you see a Sharmin these days?  All this time & still such a graceful sculpt.  A sculpt that kicks & slaps like a mother, but elegant & feminine so long as you keep out of range.  

Her ghosty new dress is courtesy of Mom, who apparently bought a vintage doll somewhere & promptly dress-jacked it.  She came by, whipped it out of her purse, & practically hopped up & down while I carefully wrangled it on.  She also specified "the stripey tights & lots of that crazy jewelry."  She's come a long way from "why is there a doll on your mantle & why is it looking at me?"  Possibly because her other grandchildren are so unsatisfactory?  Lucy is her super special favourite no matter what else I might buy, so if any vintage doll's going to get dress-jacked around Mom, it's likely to be one in Sharmin size.

In personal news, my foot breaks are healing but I'm still in a freaking cast up to my knee & an evil brace of doom on the other ankle, I started PT & something they had me do threw my back out in an epic fashion (I have yet to go back...) & last week I fell out of bed.  I have risers for underbed storage, so it was a long fall.  My head landed in my delicate little gilded Italian trash can, which oddly saved me from concussion AND didn't break.  The fact that a heroic, intact trash can is the high point of the past, umm, while, pretty much says everything, yes?   
jin's halloween face
Lovely windless Autumn day?  Check.  Glossy black spraypaint?  Check.  Freshly-cleaned pumpkin?  Check.  Dead Migrainezilla?  SO checked.  Go, go, Goth pumpkin!!  :D
Fri ~ 27 May 2011 ~ 4.26 pm - Those were the days...
Ah, the meter-reader guy is here, & I no longer have a Pet Semetary extra with which to menace him.  Awww, Heidi, these are the days I miss you extra-much!  That dude was terrified of her--it was hilarious; he's all burly & manly-looking & yet he would run through the yard...from a blind, rickety 22-year-old Siamese.  The FedEx guy, on the other hand, loved Siamese cats & always stopped to make over her.  He was genuinely distressed when I told him she had passed away.  Well, so was I.  D:  This is one of the reasons I appreciate Fiona so much...Oriental Shorthairs have loads of Siamese in their genetics, so I still get the creepy haunted-house yeowling.  It's kind of like having a dog that always sounds like a frothing rabid hellbeast, even when it's begging for a cookie...well, it sounds sweet & normal to YOU!  lol

You know, I should've snuck Fi out on the porch...I'm sure she could have worked up a nice hairsplitting raspy wowl for Mr. Meter-Reader.  Can't let the guy get too complacent.  ;)

*evil haunted-house cackling* 
Wed ~ 25 May 2011 ~ 7.25 pm(no subject)

This is a lousy but rather endearing phone pic of Fiona, my Oriental Shorthair, speaking her mind about...something or other.  I forget.  She speaks her mind a lot.  lol


Tue ~ 10 May 2011 ~ 12.19 pm - My tweets
  • Mon, 23:08: Scored one of those fab birdcage-y minibars at #Goodwill today. Kinda worth the leg trauma! Finally a home for my vintage barware.
Sun ~ 8 May 2011 ~ 6.49 pm - Melting again.

Three moar Timonie-pics, just because I got some really nice ones.  She's wearing another set right now...eventually I'll get it shot!  She's wearing a Zoi no Miko dread wig with it because it matches PERFECTLY with the yarns, lol.  In the meantime:



The lovely chair's a gift from my Mom (she got me two!).  She's always on the lookout for doll-sized furniture now!  :D  She's even found a darling handmade loveseat for the BIDs already.   She also found some way-vintage childrens' toy cookware (including a real iron skillet) for Virgil.  One of these days (I keep saying that...) he's going to have a "Kiss the Cook" apron & two sets of photos...naughty & not.  ;)

Wed ~ 18 Jun 2008 ~ 3.45 am - Meh?
Is anybody else having issues with Photobucket images showing up, or is it just me?
Sun ~ 1 Jun 2008 ~ 3.56 pm - 3 years with August-tan.
propitious moment
August's 3-year homeiversary came hard on the heels of Lucy's...it was yesterday! And it feels like only yesterday that my first SD-size doll (the first of many XD) came home. *sniffle* I remember putting him & Lucy together on the office mantel & just staring for hours, transfixed.

This picture came later, once Aubrey had arrived, but it's still my very favourite image of August. I think it captures him perfectly.

Geez, I feel the urge to go open some wine...better follow my instincts! *squeezes August*
Sun ~ 1 Jun 2008 ~ 3.32 pm - Oh, hell, I'll post them anyway.
Lucy quieter mood
Ever since last year, when I sent my great big light table to live in the basement (where it belonged), I've been in a major funk about where to take dollpictures...thus have hardly taken any. This must cease! So I took these on my front porch in absolutely rotten light...ah, well, at least the background was plain. Not what I'd call great artistic heights by any stretch, but a few shots of Lucy & Simone swanning around in their Tanya Style duds. ^^ Tanya Style is nifty--lovely quality & very reasonable prices--go forth & shop!

Lucy's the Sharmin, Simone's the Lusis.

And another handful under the cut.Collapse )

Next: Three years with August. :D
Sat ~ 24 May 2008 ~ 4.24 pm - As I'm doing a little faceup work...
Does anybody have a favourite source for BJD lashes?
Sat ~ 24 May 2008 ~ 3.11 pm - weep weep weep
=^^= catsy comfort
I missed the Baby shoes! D: I was out & didn't get home until 5 minutes after the sale started. Gah! If anybody happens to need to sell theirs, do drop me a line, yes? Mingxia NEEDS them.
Wed ~ 13 Feb 2008 ~ 12.38 am - Secret River.
simone white hair
Posting about Simone's homeiversary got me thinking about this photoshoot, which I figure a lot of you haven't seen, or have only seen snippets of. They were for a sweater sale--2 Mini-size sleeveless Chaos Lace sweaters, Secret Path & Secret River. Secret Path had a big cowlneck/hood thing & Secret River had a 28-inch train. I took the girls out to the local rock quarry & found the perfect spot! I think these are some of the best pictures I've taken of Simone (and Lucy--the Sharmin wearing S. Path--although these pics were for S. River's auction, so they focus on Simone). I made the raggedy little outfits, too. Hope you enjoy the pics!

(Simone's necklace is by Orangebabydolly)

Ten more.Collapse )
Sat ~ 19 Jan 2008 ~ 5.16 pm - Big Hair.
The nice folks at SOOM sent me a free wig with my cream white Sabik! Possibly the most inexplicable wig choice ever.

A headful of natural-style African-American hair.

Timonie, time to whip off those braids & step right up.

Three more.Collapse )
Tue ~ 8 Jan 2008 ~ 10.28 am - Starz.
funny pictures
moar funny pictures

This looks so much like my saucer-eyed Miss Kitty that I got kind of sniffly...even though she's sitting on my feet right now. XD She's 18 & I keep getting these moments of "OMG 18! What will I do without her on my lap!?" It's also poignant because I know that this is the last housecat I'll probably ever be able to have. My twitchy stomach just can't deal with catboxes (my dear stepfather comes over every day to take care of it for me! BLESS HIS HEART) & my back is so lousy that the vacuum cleaner is a real enemy.

Thankfully, I love birds, too. A cuddly parrot is kind of like a feathery cat.

But the house will feel so much colder when she's gone. ;___;


I'm still rather plague-ridden, but then so is everybody else in the county. My ears have started this bizarre thing where I hear everything double, no idea what that means. It's eerie, but kind of funny, too.

It's 70 degrees here & supremely windy. Which is utterly unnatural. I'm assuming it's going to blow in some nasty weather...hopefully not the tornados of the Midwest.

Bleh. I feel so flat. Even my WRITING is flat! XD
Mon ~ 31 Dec 2007 ~ 7.31 pm(no subject)
Happy New Year!

Toni, Lou & Toni's new German minion celebrate responsibly. Yeah, right.

Also, Ho-Ho-Horus made a visit & I forgot to share!Collapse )
Thu ~ 27 Dec 2007 ~ 11.07 pm - I feel like I chopped down a bonsai. ;;
he said Yes.
Even the Catsytwins had a tree this year! This is a very very tiny cedar.

(Lighting here is awful, I know. It's SO hard to get proper lighting up there to their bookshelf-top lair. -___-)

Hope everybody is having a Happy Holiday! <3 I have a few more late-to-the-party Christmas-y pics...all in good time, I guess. I seemed to be putting the weirdest things in Santa hats this year.

I totally have a cold...I kept trying to pretend that it was just sinus trouble, but no. Cold. *ack augh kak* Dreadful croaky sore throat. All night I dreamed that I'd been accidentally eating glass or sand. lol Laryngitis seems imminent...the one bonus to this being that I can imitate late Billie Holiday when I'm singing in the shower! <3
Sun ~ 23 Dec 2007 ~ 2.15 pm - Christmas Caravan.
he said Yes.

Lucy, Horace, Clarence & (half of) the black tree wish you & your resinfolks a Happy Holiday! ♥

Damn, it's hard to use a DSLR when you're down on the floor. I never could get the whole tree in my sights & keep it all focused. ;__;
Sat ~ 13 Oct 2007 ~ 1.50 pm - go here.
The fantabulous saintsavin has gotten her little dress shop off the ground:

Go visit to see her first wa-loli offerings in sweet & pretty prints! <3
Fri ~ 12 Oct 2007 ~ 10.51 pm - front porch oasis.
I took the camels out on my front porch for pictures...

Here's August (Isao) with Horace:

And B-chan (B-el) riding Clarence:

Both of them are a "younger camel" size, but certainly of ride-able age. XD Horace needs tack, though...tack with lots of tassels.
Thu ~ 11 Oct 2007 ~ 6.47 pm - look out, they spit.
I have just bought MSD- & SD-size camels. The kind made of leather? The MSD-size one has tack. Really I was just there to buy a dining-room table, but the camels were on SALE!!!! :O


SD-SIZE CAMEL. <3 He's so huge that I have no idea where I'll be able to take pictures of him.
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